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Amazon customer-rating Dog Carrier dog bag as backpack for dogs or dog backpack

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Here you can see ratings of customers for the Dog Carrier dog bag as a backpack for dogs or dog backpack

We had a seller’s account with Amazon. Seller’s name was “DogCarrier,” and we sold our dog socket bags there to carry dogs up to 30kg in weight.

On 18.01.2019, this site was hacked in Amazon!

There were 35000 (!) Offers inserted into our inventory and offered for sale. The offers were naturally tempting because incredibly cheap.

We had – probably reported this in time for quite a time after this hacking attack – on Amazon, and Amazon was then active with unexplainable time lag and deleted the fact offers.

Likewise, our offers, in number 16, and this each on 5 European marketplaces. Anyone who sells on Amazon knows how (time) creating only one offer there is

I had then completed and cleaned up my buyer account information again after Amazon deleted not only all offers but also personal information from our company.

We continued to be unsupported by Amazon. There were over 550 orders, of which about 490 were orders, timed after (!) I had reported the hacker attack. By phone, nothing could be solved at Amazon;

In my opinion, customer service is absolutely incompetent. On the one hand, finding a hotline number, on the other hand finding a corresponding contact information by e-mail is a challenge in itself … but that the telephone customer service could not provide such information is quite surprising, even more so Negligent of Amazon.

A negative review of a customer that Amazon itself (!), as well as in addition, we had informed about the scam, was the decisive factor for us to no longer cooperate with Amazon. In fact, Amazon did not delete this review on the grounds that the customer did not receive his goods …

I must promise that I am absolutely certain that our access to the Amazon account cannot have been done by any fishing!

We generally don’t open emails, even if they’re obviously from Amazon, outside the Amazon account.

As a matter of principle, we do not read messages from Amazon until we have logged into the account. In addition, the two-step verification had been set up as access, which means that, in addition to our password, we still receive a text message from Amazon with an access code.

Only after entering this additional access code, similar to a TAN number, do you get into the Amazon account.

To shorten history to the essentials;

While Amazon had informed all those affected that their order had been cancelled. BUT, Amazon did not give any real reason for it.

The customer was only lapidly informed that the order had been cancelled.

Now it was that quite a few of these “customers” wrote or called us what the reason for the cancellation was. In part, those scammed us as scammers, even on the delivery of the goods initially some wanted to insist.

Sure, the latter didn’t have to happen), BUT, we had loads of trouble.

Other customers again contacted us at all, and let their anger air with it by writing us a negative review.

We were able to have all negative evaluations (except for one, vo-mentioned) repelled or cancelled. But this only under massive pressure on the evaluators and on Amazon itself; So either the evaluators, or Amazon deleted their negative reviews.

And my request to Amazon about whether they can restore my old inventory was negative. The answer was that you wouldn’t save something like that … The arrogance and ignorance of the powerful.

As a salesperson, in my view, you are not a customer here, but only a supplicant and a necessary evil. It is only commissions to be earned, but otherwise minimalist and misleading service.

This should not be directed against customers; But it is the case that Amazon clearly neglects the sellers in their terms and their legal status.

As a result, we have decided, as a result of this overall experience, to no longer offer any products on Amazon as of 01.03.2019.

For Hundercksack-AMAZON-Customers:

You log into Amazon Pay with your Amazon account and order with just a few clicks!

You can still see the (unadorned) reviews for our dog bags as a backpack for dogs or dog sleeping bags!


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July 5th, 2018

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October 1st, 2018

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November 19th, 2018

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Daniel Schöneberg

January 15th, 2019

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Amazon Customer

September 30th, 2016

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Filipa Nunes

August 13th, 2018

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Tanja Both

June 29th, 2018

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Gesa B.

January 6th, 2019

Verified purchase

Have fun and nice things to do with your dog and the Dog Carrier backpack for dogs wishes them

The Dogcarrier team with founder Roman Maier


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