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And again it happened that we sold out with our dog backpack Dog Carrier!

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Those who now want to have a dog backpack from DogCarrier© after the end of April 2018 to carry dogs of 5-30kg weight must unfortunately be patient.

At the earliest from the end of May, no later than the 15.06.2018 you can buy our backpacks again.

The ones are available in sizes SMALL (5-10kg weight), BIG (7-16kg weight) and XXL (15-30 kg weight).

Already last year we were so surprised by the surprisingly increased order rate, so that we sold out for 5 weeks in August.

That’s despite having twice as much in stock than last year.

For this year we had doubled our stock of dog uckbags again. It should have actually been until at least September.

On the one hand, we would like to thank our customers who have previously bought or borrowed our dog backpack bags and have, of course, carried our dog backpack all over the world.

That was the best advertisement for us, and most certainly it was the word of mouth! Why our DogCarrier has become so well known …

On the other hand, with our factory and sales, we would like to remain small and therefore manageable …

We are still three, 2 years ago I, the founder, Roman Maier (here in the article photo), was still completely self-employed with this product.

No matter how it goes, I am happy to ask them, as a customer, personally via my phone number + 49 (0) 1638320222.

And what customers can continue to rely on:

Dog Carrier © produces only the best quality dog bags as dog backpacks, and we are working on further optimizations!

We are adding at least one more product to our portfolio by the end of this year, one that is intended to make it easier to walk with heavy dogs that have strong walking difficulties.

For those who first came across our dog backpack via the post, we have added the link to our customer album here

Here you can currently see photos of about 150 different dogs in our backpack for carrying dogs.

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