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Dog Carrier/dog bag/doggy bag shop address in MUC for testing and buying

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Our dog backpack/dog bag for dogs weighing 3-30 kg can also be purchased directly in Munich.

There you can try on the backpacks, in a nice and entertaining atmosphere.

By the way, you can of course still find one-or other, special accessory or delicacy for your dog.

The very friendly shop operator is usually personally on site.

He’s very open to conversations about all sorts of things, about the dog anyway, and the rest of the world anyway:-)

The store operator also middle-bored an adorable children’s book, with his dog as the main character, unveiled late last year.

Title: “The Stolen Diadem. With the protagonist and Munich’s city-known dog, a Prague rattler named Ludwig, an entertaining children’s book.

Here is a photo of him and Ludwig at his book launch last November:

Dog bag

The shop operator was chosen by us for reasons of symphatie, as we are actually a pure online shop …

At the Fressnapf you will certainly never be able to buy our product, so I would already give a request for any product on the part of Fressnapfs; It is simply too commercial and impersonal for us.

Here is the shop where you can taste and buy the dog sacks:

  1. Ludwigist Pet supplies for dog and cat & Tanka dog hairdresser, Rumfortstrasse 16 in 80469 Munich (there are also especially culinary for dog and cat and a lot of tasteful accessories). Phone: 089-52033813

In this sales shop you can test our dog bags /doggy bags as well as our medzinic trailers in their respective sizes or try on and buy them on the dog in the future.

Here is the size chart for our dog garbage or dog backpack:

MINI (back length up to 35cm and from 3-6kg),

SMALL (from 5-10kg, back length up to 42cm (measured from tail root to neck)

BIG (Back length up to 53cm and 7-16kg), and

XXL (from 15-30kg, back length up to about 70cm (measured from tail root to neck))

Photos of many dogs in our proven Dog Carrier dog backpack are best seen HERE:

For every dog carrying/dog backpack/dog bag there is also the rain protection HERE:


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