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Dog backpack as doggy bag – Dog Carrier EVO I

The previous Dog Carrier backpack for dogs (dog backpack) is very popular. He was also named the best product of 2017!

Comparison test winner of all dog carrier dog backpacks here:

Nevertheless, the belly strap, which is also more tighter in the dog and is therefore supposed to ensure a comfortable seating comfort for the dog, was previously only possible to use to a limited extent!

Some customers who own very narrow dogs reported that the previous belly strap does not close optimally with its Velcro.

This was due to the fact that the previous arrangement only allowed the belly strap to narrow to a limit, which was still not sufficiently attached for-powerful dogs-and thus could not support it sufficiently.

This has now come to an end, thanks to the new solution with the present belt system!

This can be narrowed at will, and even faster (by a one-time basic setting).

The further advantage is that in the previous version with the Velcro, annoying hair no longer adhere to the new system …

From the end of August 2017 at the latest, the doggy bag Dog Carrier EVO 1 will be launched, together with the colours BLACK and RED

The dog carrier backpack DogCarrier with an important innovation
DogCarrier dog backpack EVO I
Backpack for dogs
Pug in a dog backpack


Dog Carrier Backpack for Dogs (Dog Recucksack) as T E S T S S I E G E R!

Dog backpack as test winner

The pro – Dog Carrier’s dog backpack as test winner

The SMALL DogCarrier is recommended by us for dogs of at least 5 kg weight and at least 10 kg in weight!

The BIG Dog Carrier is recommended by us for dogs of at least 7 kg weight and at least 16 kg in weight!

How do I put the doggy bag on? See here:

See more than 100 different dogs in your doggy bag:


You will be alerted to our dog carrier for the first time during your holiday and would therefore like one as soon as possible?

No problem! We will ship to your hotel or express by express within 12 hours of ordering. Your holiday destination! Order normally via our regular ordering process and enter the word “holiday” in the “Remarks” box. For even more Eiligere we have our emergency number here: 0049 (0) 163 832 0222

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