Dog Carrier XXL-dog backpack for dogs/carrier bag for dogs up to 30 kg

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Dear readers, customers and prospective customers! Today it is about the XXL backpack for dogs, the dog backpack or the carrier bag for dogs up to 30 kg and 67 cm of the rite length!

Here already photos of the prototype with a dog weighing well over 30 kg., a Richback.
In one of the photos, the arrows with the enrolled arrows, you can see the current weaknesses, which we still have to fix.
The focus of these vulnerabilities is the
1) Breast tableware (see arrow with No. 2); Here we need a more stable, yet soft material! This area is exposed to the greatest number of train loads and, after a certain period of time, threatens to eliminate
2) the pockets for height adjustment (3 flaps parallel on top of each other, at the inside back of the backpack) (see arrow # 3) must be reinforced and tear-resistant
3) The back part at the top of the backpack must be further reinforced. In strong pull, the material in this area throws waves (see Arrow # 1)
You see, we’re on the subject, but it’s going to take a certain amount of time before we can get the dog backpack (dog bag/backpack for dogs/carrier bag for dogs) into series production.
We are now in the fourth type of start, and the envaluation was even more difficult than thought.
After all, completely different forces act on the material, the human and the animal itself. Always-after trial runs-a new problem became apparent. A small problem, such as the back part for the back of the support area, was that the backpack had drilled itself into the waist quite massively by the weight. Here the back part had to be changed considerably, but also the whole pocket area had to be moved to a higher position! And so the whole thing always continued …
The last prototypes-now very likely-will arrive in about 14 days. Then it has to be checked again whether everything fits …
If you don’t want to wait for the whole procedures, and you absolutely need a (mature) prototype from the series, which will now be released in 14 days, you can buy it, but not cheaply (since no series production but a single production at a time); Cost of €225!
However, we would need 04.12.2017 from you at the latest, by calling 01638320222 or emailing

In series, the XXL-DogCarrier backpack for dogs is €189 plus. Shipping cost. Of course, there is also the rain protection for this, albeit with a 14-day delivery deadline. As such a rain shield looks, see here under ! Here you can see the rain protection for our smaller specimens, the dog carrying for dogs up to 10kg as well as up to 16kg weight. The XXL rain protection will look the same …

XXL-Hundred Rack
Dog backpack with 37 kg dog, so heavy for the purpose of material testing!

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