Dog lending rucksack

DOG CARRIER dog rucksack for dogs to 30 kg, ideal for your journey or undertaking:

Our rucksack for dogs as a renting rucksack!

During the ordering process you can log in with your Amazon account and pay or you can transfer by bank or of course pay also with PayPalPlus!

Calculation renting time Dog carrier dog rucksack:

Please enter in the field “Remarks” (the field appears during the ordering process) the period of three weeks for which you would like to rent our dog carrier!

The renting time starts with the first day of this date.
The renting time ends with the return of the rucksack cleaned roughly after 21 days, (incl. Sundays and bank holidays).

The return has to be carried out after expiry of the renting period within 5 working days.

Crediting of the hiring costs at purchase of the renting rucksack of Dog carrier:
Provided that you decide to buy our dog rucksack after expiry for the renting time, you obtain the rucksack as “second-hand” therefore at the selling price of an identically second-hand one!

The renting costs are then settled (not the postage costs fully and bill is sent to you separately about the difference!
Please, you prepare an e-mail for us in the case of a sale decision at: with the subject “purchase take-over Dog carrier” and the detail of your order number!

We then send you a corresponding bill by e-mail. After payment of the difference the Dog carrier then belongs to you!

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