Medical Carrying Aid

The medical carrying aid / dog carrier for the freshly operated, or older or sick dog!

SOLD OUT TO approx. 01.03.2018

Your dog has just had an operation and has to be carried in sections?

This extremely stable, stiff harness of the best quality guarantees your dog a trouble-free carrying!

Namely the carrying over steps, stairs, obstacles, etc., as it is only possible!

The harness is not suitable for long walks, it was not designed for that.

It is designed to allow you to carry a dog alone or in pairs as gently as possible!

There are many reasons for this:

Surgery on the spine, hip joints or leg or foot joints, walking impediment due to age or illness.

Or hip displasia or anatomical disabilities! All these are examples of such uses.

The dog carrier or harness for dogs consists of a stiffened and solid nylon fabric as well as equally high-quality sewn nylon straps and high-quality, chrome-plated metal buckles. So pure quality, we already have it with our dog backpacks, where we are already the undisputed test winner of all current backpacks

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We offer 2 sizes of our dog carrier / carrying aid for dogs:

small to medium-sized dogs approx. 15-25 kg

medium to large dogs approx. 25-45kg

We are constantly developing ourselves further. We started in 2014 with a single size of our patented dog pack. In the meantime we have 5 sizes and are gradually expanding our range of products to include everything that has to do with carrying dogs. Therefore also our company name ” DogCarrier “…

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