Thick padded chest harness for the Dog Carrier

The especially durable, indestructible and strongly padded chest harness

for the BIG-, BIG&SLIM- as well as the SMALL- Dog Carrier dog backpack

gives your dog two things:

1) Even more pleasant seating comfort for your dog, since the previous harness may be pressing on the neck area

2) A much better sitting position for dogs that are a little top-heavy and hang over to the front!

The thickness and extra strength of this chest harness will move your dog with his upper body further back to the inner back of the pack!

This reduces the swinging of the dog’s upper body when walking to zero!

Thick padded chest harness

indestructible and strongly padded chest harness

This dog fits perfectly in our backpack.

In these cases we recommend to leave it at the standard version!

especially durable chest harness

This dog hangs with its upper body somewhat top-heavy over the front.

When walking or hiking, the upper body of the dog swings back and forth.

It is optimal for the dog, if it leans with its upper body on the back part of the backpack.

By the padding of the chest harness of almost 4 cm your dog is automatically pressed backwards against the back of the rucksack!

The swinging of the upper body stops with this measure!

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