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This professional dog backpack is suitable for small to medium dogs and offers the following advantages:

  • instep length up to 42 centimeters
  • side pockets and pockets in the lap belt, perfect for stowing small items
  • chest harness height adjustable
  • several colors


Size Chart Dog Carrier Dog Backpack:

size different with the selection of recently THREE variations

SMALL (Ristlänge to 42cm and of 5-10kg) ,

BIG       (Ristlänge to 53cm and of 7-16kg) , and

XXL       (Ristlänge, up to 70cm and 15-30kg)

You can dogs of various breeds with a minimum weight of 5 kg to 30 kg weight wear!

The dog backpack still has the additional following storage compartments:

  1. Side pocket outside left with a zipper, with 2 inside magazines, for example 1 x 1 x for water bottle and for small articles
  2. Side pocket at the far right with a zipper, with 5 internal magazines (1 x with a zipper), and a key holder (Karabiner)
  3. Lap left: pocket with zipper suitable for Iphone and some space to
  4. Lap right: pocket with zipper suitable for small items, including Iphone and space to

Additional accessories for the DogCarrier dog backpack:

An insertable back cushion in the small Dogcarrier (for body weights of 4-10 kg) so that optimal comfort and adapted includes small dog sits in a backpack!

The harness is so that the dishes the seat height is easily adjust the dog’s height adjustable here.
The dog sits by comfortable and safe in this backpack.

The customer album with many dogs in the Dog Carrier Backpack for carrying dogs, please click here:

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