DOG CARRIER dog backpack BIG 7-16kg used! – early bird discount


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Delivery time: One working day after receipt of order

Sold out until approx. July 1st week 2020.

Delivery takes place by 15.07.2020 at the latest.

USED ​​as a demonstrator:

Professional (!) Backpack for convenient transportation of dogs up to 16 kg in weight.

Whether for mountain biking or cycling in general, skating, scooter-, moped- or motorbike riding (please do not go faster than 100 – 120 km/h due to wind turbulence), hiking or shopping in the grocery store, this backpack is ideally designed for transporting dogs.


Sold out until approx. July 1st week 2020.

Delivery takes place by 15.07.2020 at the latest.

Sized dog carrier dog backpack:

With the choice of FOUR size variations

MINI (instep length up to 35cm and from 3 – 6kg),

SMALL (instep length up to 42cm and from 5 – 10kg)

BIG (instep length up to 53cm and from 7 – 16kg), and

XXL (instep length up to about 70cm and from 15 – 30kg)

you can carry dogs of different breeds with a minimum weight of 5 kg to approx. 30 kg weight!

The professional-dog backpack for carrying dogs of about 7-16 kg weight!

  • This backpack is of high quality and stable.

The dog rucksack still has the additional, following stowage compartments:

  1. side pocket outside left with zipper, with 2 inside magazines, e.g. 1 x for drinking bottle and 1 x for
    small goods
  2. side pocket outside right with zip, with 5 inner magazines (1 x with zip) and a key holder
  3. lap belt left : pocket with zipper suitable for Iphone and some more space
  4. pelvic belt on the right : pocket with zipper suitable for small items, also Iphone and space for

Other standard accessories for the DogCarrier dog backpack:

An insertable, perforated seat cushion, so that the dog also sits optimally, comfortably and adapted in the rucksack!

The chest harness is height adjustable, so that the harness can be comfortably adjusted to the sitting height of the dog.
The dog sits comfortably and safely in this rucksack.

The waist harness has now been modified with a click system. This saves constant cleaning of the previous velcro system, which is now no longer necessary. In addition, the new belly strap only needs to be adjusted or adjusted to the width once. In this setting it can only be clicked in in the future (see photo).


For carrying dogs
Backpack for dogs

Click here for the customer album with many different dogs in the Dog Carrier backpack for carrying dogs:


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