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Information and photos about the Dog Carrier dog bag as a backpack for dogs from 3 to 30kg!

2 years of intensive cooperation with backpack designers, a veterinarian and a veterinary practitioner:

This resulted in the Dog Carrier dog backpack!

The first tests took place in 2013; Friends, acquaintances and volunteers tested the dog bag! That’s why the sale was so successful after this test phase.

In addition, we have sold more than 7000 Dog Carrier dog backpacks since then and received corresponding customer reviews (as of May 2019) .

These experiences have increasingly been incorporated into improvements and innovations in the backpack!

That’s why the safety of the dog and the comfort of the dog are our top priority!

And of course the quality of our product .

Because we had repeated requests, we developed the world’s largest dog backpack.

We have been selling our Dog Carrier since 2014!

The back parts of our dog backpacks come from a well-known German quality brand manufacturer.

Our rain protection for the Dog Carrier is absolutely waterproof. It can be purchased fed or unlined.

Again, we only use the best materials!

-We have the right backpack for the respective sizes of your dog!

Therefore, you can check here in advance which size of our dog carrier fits your dog:

Size chart of our dog bag:

MINI (Back length, measured from the base of the tail to the base of the neck – up to 35cm (measured from tail root to neck) and from 3- 6kg) ,

SMALL (back length up to 42cm (measured from tail root to neck) and from 5-10kg) ,

BIG (back length up to (measured from tail root to neck) 53cm and from 7-16kg), and

XXL (back length up to (measured from tail root to neck) 70cm and from 15-30kg)

Important! – The dog backpacks of sizes MINI, SMALL and BIG can also be worn at the front!

The XXL backpack for dogs from 15kg to 30kg weight:

From our personal experience, we would say that everything from 20 kg only fulfils short-term purposes, such as stairs, via ferrata, medically indicated bridge or, for example, lifting into the hunting lodge! You should be aware of this when making your purchase decision!

As a dog carrier bag dogs / dog backpack / backpack for dogs / dog carrier / doggy bag / pet carrier – WINNER - you can find this professional – dog backpack or dog backpack. Dog carrying, for carrying dogs of 3 – 30kg, as MINI (MINI (from 3-6kg, back length up to 35cm (measured from tail root to neck)).SMALL (back length (measured from tail root to neck))up to 42cm and 5-10kg), BIG bis53cm back length (measured from tail root to neck)up to 7-16kg).and XXL (measured from tail root to neck) up to about 70cm and 15-30kg) - Here in you can carry dogs of different breeds with a minimum weight of 3 kg to about 30 kg weight!

Here you can also see a detailed product test of our dog backpacks in the blog of an Austrian woman with your bulldog in the Dog Carrier CLICK HERE

Click customer photos of our dog bag as a backpack HERE



[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text ovic_custom_id=“ovic_custom_5df0bb5a492f7″]The presentation film begins an important step, the creation of the dog backpack from Dog Carrier.

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The big dog carrier in the test

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text ovic_custom_id=“ovic_custom_5df0bb5a492f9″]From the well-known product tester Franziska Knabenreich in 2014, also to be read again at:

Click here for the complete excerpt of the product test, please click!

And here you will find a nice experience report about our XXL-Dog Carrier, the world’s largest dog backpack, from Nema, a globetrotter:

CLICK HERE[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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