The BIG & SLIM Dog Carrier 7 to 16kg in BLACK!

The BIG & SLIM Dog Carrier 7 to 16kg in BLACK!

Slim & BIG DOGCARRIER Early order discount! Instead of €145now, €119with delivery no later than the 18.06.2019

Here in black!





The BIG & SLIM Dog Carrier dog backpack/backpack for dogs

We have made some elementary modifications to our most popular model to date, the Big Dog Carrier Hunderucksack.

The most important thing was that the popular backpack for carrying dogs was not 100 optimal for very slim dogs!

To clean up this problem, we first made the backpack slimmer. But we also extended it a bit.

The classic BIG Dog Carrier dog backpack is ideal for dogs up to max. 53 cm back length (measured from tail approach to neck).

This backpack is just as optimal for medium-slim and very squat, well-built dogs!

The SLIM & BIG Dog Carrier dog bag, on the other hand, is ideal for dogs up to max. 56 cm back length (measured from tail approach to neck)!

However, he is – unlike the BIG Dog Carrier backpack for dogs – also designed for considerably slimmer dogs. Such as whippets or dachshunds …

We’ve also added new features. They are intended to make it easier to create the dog sacks and to improve the seating comfort for the dog a little more.

So we have two zippers attached to the side flanks of the backpack’s sack area.

From time to time it is the case that this flank can push the dog under the armpit (see photo 1). This is caused by the tension at the top edge of the sack part.

By opening the side, newly attached, small zipper, this tension dissolves. The pressure under the armpits thus subsides.

In addition, we have greatly simplified the upper height adjustment of the chest harness! Until now, one had to thread the belts out of the click carabiners a little laboriously and then insert the strap through the bag arranged at its height. After that, you had to bundle the strap back into the click carabiner.

We have now made the switch to even higher quality click carabiners.

These carabiners have a brace on the side for folding up and butting. This means you just have to fold up, put the carabiner sideways into the respective flap, and then fold it up again.

These carabiners of our dog bag can even be rotated 360 degrees around their own axis.

This has the advantage that when you put on the dog bag regularly, you no longer have to make sure that the strap of the chest harness is properly aligned!

Then we have an additional stiffening with aluminum installed in our dog bag or dog carrying, in the back part of the backpack.

Our dog bag has now been refined into a superlative to offer you the greatest possible comfort to carry dogs!

At the end of the day, we have –, unlike our predecessor model, reinforced the chest harness itself. That’s why this can never tear even on the strongest train!

It should be noted here that we only had one such problem with an XXL DOG CARRIER backpack! This is the only reason why we have made this reinforcement! It ensures that the chest harness cannot tear, no matter how firmly you would pull on it …

We had given these new BIG & SLIM Dog Carrier Hunderucksack 10 testers who already know the BIG DogCarrier. Through this direct comparison, we were able to filter the feedback of the test subjects as neutrally as possible!

With the SLM & BIG DogCarrier, we have achieved the masterpiece of our backpack range. This comes at a price, but it doesn’t get any better than that.

By the way, the Slim & BIG DogCarrier is designed to accommodate even squat dogs!

Here is the detailed report as well as photo documentation for the BIG & SLIM Dog Carrier dog backpack:

Here you will find lots of photos of our customers in the Dog Carrier dog bag:



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