Rain protection without isolation for XXL dog carrier backpack

Rain protection without isolation for XXL dog carrier backpack

Rain protection XXL





The ideal, high-quality rain protection for your dog carrier backpack (dog bag) or dog backpack, sewn in a German sewing shop, made of the highest quality, water-repellent fabric (the majority of the highest quality cotton), as well as an easy-ordered Settle cord for size adjustment in the head area. The rain protection is at 40 degrees Celsius washer-proof, and can be dried in the dryer (only with sports program). Available immediately!

For wet, windy or cold days, there is the lined rain protection for our Dog Carrier dog sacking variants. The backpack itself keeps your dog’s body heat to a limited extent. Ideal for those who take their dogs with our dog carrier backpack/dog backpack!

For example, on ski hiking tours, where it is a matter of the dog being able to come along the tours of his own strength, but downhill you would like to run the skis, and you take the dog with you in the dog backpack.
Or, of course, bike or hiking tours, where the dog runs certain phases of the route himself. And then, depending on the degree of difficulty-or level of exhaustion, our dog carrier dog carriers are used.

It is not uncommon to give the dog only its deserved breaks. Or, as in the mountains while climbing, allowing the dog to overcome track obstacles.

In all this, the dog is exposed to the weather, and when it is raining or writhing cold, our lined, heat-storing rain protection is optimal for the dog carrier backpack.

For the summer there is also the unlined version of our rain protection.

And if you want to see photos of our many dogs of customers in the dog carrier backpack or dog backpack, you can see this here in the following link:




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