Swap the SMALL to BIG Dog Carrier dog backpack!

Swap the SMALL to BIG Dog Carrier dog backpack!

Here you swap your old, smaller dog backpack for the next size, for an extra charge. Please send us your old copy back after ordering! We usually donate the old backpacks to those in need.

129,00  55,00 

129,00  55,00 



Your dog has already outgrown the small SMALL DogCarrier dog backpack?

Here, in exchange for your used, small dog backpack as well as the difference price quantified here, you get the new, big BIG DogCarrier in the color of your choice! Please send us your used backpack back in a basic purified manner and specify the desired colour in the order process in the “Remarks” box! After receiving the backpack and receiving payment, we will immediately send your new backpack out to you!

Available in black or ROT!

Please let us know by message what colour you want! If you do not send a message, we will send the backpack in a randomly selected color!

Why switch from small to large backpack for dogs?

It is not uncommon for us to receive requests from dog owners who get a puppy or already have it.

The most frequently asked question is whether and why to carry a puppy in your backpack!

We can say yes to this in most cases, after all, it is about the sustainable health of their young dog. And if-especially in the age of adolescence-something is done permanently, then this usually has not insignificant consequences for the skeleton of the dog. This often involves pain and further impairment. In addition, one should not forget the attendances-only with regard to limited activities as well as visits to veterinarians …

Most of our here respondents then opt for the small DogCarrier dog backpack. The puppy often grows out of this puppy in a few months. Which makes the small backpack for carrying dogs simply no longer possible to use.

Those who have discovered the wearing of the dog as an advantage for their company design should get their money’s worth; In order not to have to buy a backpack twice, we offer this swap so inexpensively that it should suit all parties …

If you would like to know more about the joints of your puppy or dog, please follow this link: