4 weeks 65 .-PROFI – Hunderucksack Dog Carrier XXL 15-30kg as MIETRUCKSACK within BRD! WIEDER FOR GBAR AB 01.03.2019

4 weeks 65 .-PROFI – Hunderucksack Dog Carrier XXL 15-30kg as MIETRUCKSACK within BRD! WIEDER FOR GBAR AB 01.03.2019





This dog backpack (backpack for carrying dogs) is ideal for dogs from at least (!) 15 kg to max. 30 kg weight.

The loan period starts with the backpack’s postal access and ends on the 33rd day after that.

On the 33rd day, the backpack has to arrive back at our beginning, ground cleaned. In case of heavily contaminated returns, we charge €25 cleaning fee!

If you want to buy the dog backpack after the rental period, you will be fully credited for the rental price!

SIZE TABLE Dog Carrier Dog Backpack:

With the selection of recently THREE sizes different variations

SMALL (from 5-10kg, back length up to 42cm (measured from tail root to neck)

BIG (Back length up to 53cm and 7-16kg), and

XXL (from 15-30kg, back length up to about 70cm (measured from tail root to neck))

You can carry dogs of different races with a minimum weight of 5 kg to about 30 kg!

Additional information about the dog carrier backpack:

2 years of intensive collaboration with backpack designers and developers, as well as a veterinarian and other consultants are the result of this well thought-out product! The dog backpack for carrying dogs.

For us, the safety of the dog is paramount, and of course the quality of our product.

The back parts of our dog ckacks come from a well-known German quality brand manufacturer for backpacks of all kinds.

The front part of the backpack comes from the same factory, but the development comes from us.

We would have to pay significant royalties in order to be able to advertise with the name of the relevant manufacturer.

However, this is not the only reason why we advertise on our own behalf; After all, our name should also vouch for quality.

So, now on an important issue, that of sizes;

Regarding the sizes, the following should always be observed:

For BIG Dog Carrier dog backpack for dogs up to 16kg weight:

Basically, the weight itself is not a problem, as we can also spend dogs as “customers” (for example, bulldogs) with 24 kg in this backpack.

The problem lies with the slim dogs, because for our backpack the back length measure (measured from the base of the tail to the base of the neck) (!) is decisive, and the weight indication serves more as a guide …

If your dog doesn’t have a longer ruist than 53cm (measured from the tail root to the neck approach), then it also fits super into the BIG DogCarrier at 17 kg or even more.

Small Dog Carrier up to 10 kg weight:

Similar to the BIG-Dog Carrier dog backpack, this is less about the weight, although 10kg should be the limit for this backpack. This is due to your own comfort alone. This is given a little more comfortably from about 9kg in weight at the BIG Dog Carrier Hunderucksack. A maximum back length (measured from the base of the tail to the base of the neck) of 42 cm should not be exceeded with the Small Dog Carrier!

The newly added XXL dogCarrier

The uses are as diverse as the ideas of the people themselves;

In the highest weight class of our backpack range there are also weights, which can still be worn over medium distances. From our personal experience, we would say that everything from 20 kg or more only fulfills short-term purposes!

This allows you to carry dogs weighing 15 kg and older with the dog backpack from DogCarrier as easily as is possible with such a weight.

  • Consider rescue dogs, which find it impossible to get over passages without getting there with the help of a carrier.
  • Also older dogs that no longer – up the stairs or come down. Not infrequently there are still various old buildings or residential buildings, where there is no lift. The disabled dog must then be carried up by its owner. Without a backpack a much more laborious affair …
  • A rider indicated when buying the XXL backpack that her decision to buy this specimen had been made because her dog was injured on a horseback ride, and the dog was so heavy that she had not been able to transport it. That’s why she had to leave her dog alone to get help and a suitable mode of transport …
  • For hunters, this backpack can be interesting (we already have various hunters as customers …), as they can take their dog to the hunter stand.

So there are certainly other uses that we leave to our future customers, but we are also happy if the customers inform us why they need the backpack …

But we are also looking forward to every photo and remain, with warm greetings, the DogCarrier team

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