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DOG CARRIER for carrying dogs until 30kg Backpack for dogs / dog bag


Dog carrier bag as dog carrier

For photos of the backpack for dogs with more than 150 different dogs in the Dog Carrier dog backpack, click on the text, at the bottom, after the text on the field “MORE PHOTOS”!

There you will find a large number of photos of currently about 150 different dogs, carried in our patented dog backpack “Dog Carrier” (also referred to as dog bag/dog carrier/dog carrier bag).

Our dog backpack is a test-and comparison winner of all known dog backpack bags

(Take a look at our “News”!).

The dog carrier bags are produced for us by a German manufacturer, with its own production facility abroad. This is due to our quality standards, which is admittedly reflected in the price.

Quality is our credo, and so the customer receives, not just excellent advice! In addition, he also receives a backpack for dogs as a dog carrier, which is of high quality in all its details!

The car lock zippers, are from SBS, one of the highest-quality and longest-lasting zippers for backpacks.

The aluminium reinforcement in the back is also not processed by many backpack manufacturers at all.

By the way, these stiffening can be pulled out by the Velcro flaps at the top of the backside of the backpack, in order to be able to wash the dog backpack in the washing machine at 40 degrees. In the dryer our backpack can also, but ONLY with the sports program!

The photos attached further down to the view of dogs in the dog backpack were sent to us by customers.

We see this as an expression of their satisfaction and of having finally found something appropriate.

Here are photos of DogCarrier dog backpack in all size variants, criss-crossing.

So if you have any questions about the size to be recommended for your dog, you can send us a photo of your dog yourself, preferably with information about the length of the rank as well as the chest circumference. We are always striving to develop in terms of practicality, benefits and various quality characteristics.

With different backpack sizes of our dog carrying,

MINI (3-6kg), SMALL (5-10kg), BIG (7-16kg) and XXL dog backpack (15-30kg)

We cover a range of carrying options like no other supplier.

With the XXL backpack, we have developed the world’s largest dog carrier backpack.

And quite a few dog owners can delight with it, since our general start in 2014!

As a dog bag – WINNER - you can find this professional – dog backpack. It´s for dog carrying of 3 – 30kg, as MINI (MINI (from 3-6kg, back length up to 35cm (measured from tail root to neck)).SMALL (back length (measured from tail root to neck))up to 42cm and 5-10kg), BIG bis53cm back length (measured from tail root to neck)up to 7-16kg).and XXL (measured from tail root to neck) up to about 70cm and 15-30kg) - Here in you can carry dogs of different breeds with a minimum weight of 3 kg to about 30 kg weight! The MINI DogCarrier, the smallest dog backpack, for dogs of 3-6kg has been added. The MINI – and the SMALL DogCarrier are also wearable on the chest.
Dog carrying for dogs weighing 15-30kg


So if you have any more questions; The email address for this is:

In urgent cases, you can also call us on + 49 (0) 163 832 0 222.

Now we wish you lots of fun and entertainment while browsing our photo gallery in

Your DogCarrier dog backpack-Team

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