Dog Carrier – Why do I need a dog backpack/backpack to carry v. dogs for my puppy?

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PUPPY CARE – MOVEMENT AND HEALTHY JOINTS with support of Dog Carrier dog backpack

Why our dog carrier backpack (backpack to carry dogs) may be important for your dog’s well-being:

Your growing puppy has more muscle strength every day and therefore needs more spout and movement to let off steam properly. Every dog owner has a duty to carry out their four-legged friend at least once a day. But before you get the frisbee disc out of a cardboard box or your shed;

Think about your puppy’s joints and their healthy development!

Keep your puppy’s joints healthy in the long run! Support from our Dog Carrier dog backpack.

Chasing behind the ball, jumping over logs as the wind flit:

With each passing day, your puppy unfolds more powers and develops a tremendous energy that puts more strain on its joints.

But keep in mind that too much effort too early (even jumping out of a car) can lead to joint discomfort later!

A basic rule is:

Allowing 5 minutes of exercise per month of life (up to two times a day) until your puppy is fully grown.

This is equivalent to 15 minutes for a 3-month-old puppy (up to two times a day), for a 4-month-old puppy 20 minutes, etc.! When fully grown, it can have significantly longer run-out and movement.

Exercises and exercise promote the maintenance of muscle mass. A dog skeleton consists of an average of 321 bones (compared to the 206 bones of the human skeleton). Thus, at puppy age, it is important to find the right balance between good nutrition and increasing exercise. This should be commensurate with its stage of development.

Note for puppy owners of large and very large breeds:

Stop your dog from racing down slopes and lift it out of the car until it reaches its full-blown bigger. Choose a full-fledged and balanced premium food with high-quality proteins and adequate calcium, glucosamine and chondroite insulphate walking pales. Thus, healthy articular cartilage develops.

Puppies of large-growing breeds are much more prone to skeletal development disorders. Through the right food, your puppy grows into a healthy dog at a reasonable speed. Most recommended use food with moderate energy, calcium and phosphorus content. If your dog limps or stinks a paw for a long time, see a veterinarian.

Let your puppy run, and after he’s exhausted, put him in our doggy bag / dog bag

Spread the daily movement allowing over two or three walks.

If you are under time pressure (which is quite realistic with three walks a day), encourage your puppy to race on the way back from the park using various toys. As well as frisbee discs and cords to the backwoods race, a simple ball is still the best means to make your dog work.

Instead of a tennis ball, where dirt attaches easily, which can settle in the puppy’s throat, take a soft ball appropriate for dogs with a hole or an uninflated football.

Bring him the “ball game” – with enthusiasm and soon your dog will be an avid fan of the round leather.

Never throw sticks. One of the most common reasons for veterinary visits is injuries of the mouth and throat caused by sticks, sometimes serious, if not life-threatening.

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