Here you can also find out more about the dog carrier dog carrier as a backpack for carrying dogs!

How did the backpack come into being?

-The idea for this backpack was the founder of this company, Roman Maier. During an Alpine crossing by mountain bike, he was unable to take his dog, a 9kg Jack Russel, with him. There was no reasonable product to take a dog weighing over 5kg on such excursions.

In collaboration with various experts, the backpack for carrying dogs was created in more than 2 1/2 years of development.

What results did product and comparison tests result, and what is the dog transport bag good for?

In the comparison tests, the dog carrier-dog backpack is far in front (see also

The dog carrier backpack (or the dog carrier …) is good for many, so many uses;

It’s best to ask yourself why you’re interested in a dog backpack!? This is probably already the answer …

How do dogs react to this and are there any health restrictions on our dog carrier dog bag as a backpack?

Yes, there are health restrictions!

These should be clarified with the veterinarian before deciding on the dog carrier!

In particular, the following diseases or injuries must be clarified:

Namely, whether the (sitting) posture in our backpack is contrary to the rehabilitation process or the illness at

a) acute herniated disc and

b) Spondylosis

Others, regular impairments, are not known to us after over 6,600 sales and countless rentals (as of 10/2018) of our dog carriers.

Some dogs are very anxious and usually very difficult to place in the dog transport bag as a backpack;

That’s why we advise our customers with such dogs to power the dog out if possible. So with it a long distance to run, walk or run side by the way while riding a bike. Only when the dog is reasonably exhausted should the dog be moved into the dog bag or dog backpack. Because it is only there that the dog learns and feels the pleasant comfort of the dog backpack!

So if you have an anxious or difficult dog, you should not put the dog bag on as a backpack in the living room, but get used to the dog carrier bag in a suitable situation …

What makes the difference between the dog carrier dog backpack and other carrying systems?

There are various carrying systems on the market for carrying dogs, but from our experience there is nothing that can be compared with the overall comfort of our Dog Carrier as a dog bag or dog backpack!

There are chest-like backpacks that may still be defensible for dogs up to 5kg, but in addition, it fails because dogs, from a size of more than 5kg in weight, usually don’t fit in.

Then there are systems, there the dog lies crosswise over the shoulders or just as far across the back. In this system it was obviously not considered that dogs with higher weight are lying on their own heart, and express this-especially in summer temperatures! In addition-with this system-the pendulum movement is far spreading when walking, and annoying and stressful for the dog and the wearer itself.

Alternatively, watch our customer album of more than 150 different dogs in our backpack for carrying dogs, click on this link here:

2 years of intensive collaboration with backpack designers and developers, as well as a veterinarian and other consultants such as a backpack designer and an animal health practitioner are the result of this thoughtful dog bag as a backpack for dogs. But the feedback from our customers has also advanced the development of the dog backpack. Our focus was primarily on the safety and comfortable sitting of the dog, as well as the greatest possible simplicity in terms of putting the backpack on. Creating for a long way is, by its very nature, easier than running it alone. Nevertheless, even with initially not entirely willing dogs, it should be easily possible to spend the dog in the backpack due to the well thought-out system! The backpack is also an EU patented bag (plus Switzerland)!

Presentation film Dog Carrier dog carrier bag from our beginnings in 2014

The presentation film (from 2014 and the first version of our backpack) begins with the creation of the backpack to carry dogs, and exemplifies the uses, such as rock climbing, mountain biking/cycling, rollerblade, Hiking, shopping, train/tram – S – train station – uses, shopping at the baker, and motorcycling!

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