DOG CARRIER® the backpack that makes dogs mobile

The Dog backpack DOG CARRIER® is the best tested backpack for dogs and – what is more – can also be used on scooters.

backpack for dogs DOG CARRIER

The dog backpack DOG CARRIER® guarantees comfort for the carried dog and its owner, whether on a hiking tour in the mountains or in any other situation a dog needs to be carried. Because this dog backpack enables you to carry dogs up to 30 kilos comfortably – both for your dag and you.

Whether you and your dog are walking around in the city, riding a two-wheeler, hiking in the mountains or the countrside or doing any other outdoor activity – if your dog gets tired, is ill or just a little lazy he/she can lay down to sleep. And what‘s best – the dog backpack can also be used on bicycles and mopeds. Simply pack your friend up in the dog backpack DOG CARRIER® and take him with you whereever you go. And once you arrive at your destination just take him out of the backpack and go whereever you like.

Take your friend with you!

The dog backpack DOG CARRIER® is available for dogs that weigh between 3 to 30 kilos. And if your dog is even smaller you can wear him/she comfortably in the dog bag slung across your chest.

Your dog is ill? Or you’re going on a vacation and need a possibility to transport your dog on larger (hiking) tours? That means you need a dog backpack only for certain occasions/a limited time? No problem! Because we also offer pet backpacks for rent and sell used ones to cut prices!
We also offer accessories for the backpack such as rain protection for the dog carrier, wider and more comfortable chest straps, as well as additional medical carrying aids.

Feel free to check our offer and to ask any question you may have on behalf of the dog backpack DOG CARRIER® or a certain model o fit – we’ll enjoy to to help you..

Dog backpack

That means even more fun for you and your dog!

In various sizes, new, used or to lend

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The Dog backpack DOG CARRIER® is the best tested backpack for dogs

Hundetragerucksack bis 30 kg for carrying dogs dog carrier backpack for dogs dog bag

Diagram of best tested dog backpacks 2017


Dog backpack

Important INFO for dog bag can be found here!

The application of the dog bag of Dog Carrier® step by step!

At the end of this article you will find the link to our video which shows the application process after the backpack has been adjusted to the dog. Steps for the adjustment are explained here afterwards!

What do I need to know in advance about the dog bag?

Sweeping recommendations and information about the Dog Carrier® when used as a dog backpack!

Dogs often find it easier to accept if they can see the point of being carried in a dog bag. Often this sense is well conveyed once the dog is exhausted! If the dog was allowed to ride on the scooter or to a mountain hike, for example, he is guaranteed to understand the meaning of being carried. While carrying in the backpack your dog can relax completely after a short acclimatization! Treats and practice at home make it easier for the dog to find fun to be carried in the carrier bag. Most dogs enjoy the luxury of being carried! And quite a few dogs even fall asleep while being carried! Riding a bicycle or scooter in a dog backpack is a great experience. Now please follow the steps with the presets as well as preparing the Dog Carrier for putting on! The basic settings of the Dog Carrier only have to be done once!

Step 1 Open the chest harness on the upper straps, open the abdominal belt and open the Dog Carrier on the two side zippers.

(opened state of the Dog Carrier)

(upper straps – chest harness)

(abdominal belt)

(side zipper to open the backpack)

Step 2

Height adjustment of the chest harness. Depending on the size of the dog, the shoulder height must be adjusted. You can do this using the two lower straps of the chest harness.

(lower straps – chest harness)

Why is the correct height adjustment of the harness so important for the Dog Carrier?

Here it concerns that the harness of the Dog Carrier reaches up to the base of the neck of the animal. If it is set too high, it presses into the neck! The upper straps, which are connected to the upper click fasteners of the chest harness, are also height adjustable on our dog backpack. Inside the backpack you will see 3 height-adjustable straps in 2 parallel rows, running from bottom to top.

(Height adjustment with 3 flaps each)

There you can – depending on your requirements – thread the rotating carabiner into the respective flap and thus determine the height. Optimally, these upper straps, if they are attached, should rise from bottom to top at a steep angle of about 45 degrees! These straps should also be tightened tightly!

(Upper straps / chest harness in 45-degree position and tightened tightly)

Step 3 Insert the dog’s hind legs into the two lower holes while the dog is standing or by lifting the dog in. Insert the dog’s tail through the lower middle hole of the dog bag. Our Dog Carrier bags come standard with a perforated, padded seat cushion! The hole in the dog bag is not so big that the seating comfort of the dog suffers from it, and if necessary, a common flat seat cushion can be inserted!

Step 4 Click the chest harness of the backpack into place, connecting it with the upper straps and then tighten it. And remember: This important part of the procedure is optimally adjusted when the straps are positioned at a steep angle of about 45 degrees and tightened tightly!

Step 5 Then close the dog backpack with the side zippers. You can – especially in hot weather – leave the zippers about half open! This way your dog will not get too warm! All zippers are AUTO-LOCK-ZIPPER from the high-quality manufacturer SBS and guarantee the safety of your dog. This means that the zippers cannot open further by themselves, and therefore each position can be locked independently!

Step 6 The abdominal belt for the dog, the difference to other dog backpacks.

Why is it so important to wear the abdominal belt?

The abdominal belt ensures the stability of your dog and thus provides a comfortable sitting position. With the current, further developed click version, the abdominal belt for the dog no longer needs to be passed through a middle loop! The length of the abdominal belt is only adjusted once during the first adjustment to your dog. You can already lift the dog with the backpack from step 5 of these instructions. Then a second person should help to put on the abdominal belt.

How do I release the dog from the Dog Carrier?

Carefully place the backpack with the dog on the ground and open one of the two upper straps of the chest harness! Now your dog can get out of the backpack by itself!

And here the film showing the Dog Carrier being applied to the dog:

(From 2013 with the old Dog Carrier and still with the old velcro on the abdominal strap):

Your young dog is growing fast out of the backpack you bought?

Therefore, we offer you the next bigger Dog Carrier in exchange of your used backpack plus payment of a price difference! Just order the next size under “Exchange backpacks”! Then send us back your roughly cleaned, old backpack, pay the difference and we will send you the new, larger size in return!

Why change from the smaller BIG to the largest Dog Carrier, the XXL backpack?

Not seldomly we receive inquiries from dog owners who are getting or already have a puppy. The most frequently asked question is, “can you carry a puppy in your backpack?” In most cases we can answer this question in the affirmative, after all it is about the sustainable health of their still young dog. And if – especially at the adolescent’s age – something is done wrong permanently, this usually has not insignificant consequences for the dog’s skeleton. This is often accompanied by pain and other impairments. Most of our customers decide to use the smaller version of our DOG-CARRIER range. From this the puppy often grows out of it within a few months. Therefore the smaller backpack cannot be used anymore.

So that you can benefit from our product in the long term, we offer this exchange offer!

We have made changes to our most popular model so far, the Big Dog Carrier dog bag as a dog backpack. The backpack was cut slimmer to give young dogs and slim animals a better hold. So we have optimized the Dog Carrier bag so that the popular backpack fits 100 % optimal even very slim dogs.
Furthermore, the dog backpack was also extended a little bit. For clarification:

The classic BIG Dog Carrier dog backpack is optimal for dogs up to max. 53 cm back length (measured from the tail to the neck).

This backpack is also ideal for medium sized and very stocky, well-built dogs!

The SLIM&BIG DOG CARRIER dog bag, on the other hand, is ideal for dogs up to a maximum back length of 56 cm (measured from the base of the tail to the base of the neck)!

However, unlike the BIG Dog Carrier backpack for dogs, it is also designed for considerably slimmer dogs. Such as whippets or dachshunds… We have also added new features. They should simplify the creation of the dog backpack, and, the seating comfort for the dog even more improved. So we have added 2 zippers on the side flanks of the bag area of the backpack. From time to time this side can press the dog under the armpit (see photo 1). This is caused by the tension on the upper edge of the bag section. This tension is released by opening the newly attached small zipper on the side of the backpack. The pressure under the armpits is thus relieved. In addition, we have considerably simplified the upper height adjustment of the chest harness on the Dog Carrier bag! Up to now you had to unthread the straps from the click carabiners a bit laboriously in order to then insert the strap through the flap arranged in their height. Afterwards one had to thread the strap back into the click carabiner. The change to even higher quality click carabiners on the dog backpacks was made in the process. These karabiners have a clasp on the side for opening and closing. That means, you only have to unfold, put the carabiner into the respective flap at the side and then close it again. These karabiners of our Dog Carrier bag can be turned 360 degrees around their own axis. This has the advantage that when putting on the Dog Carrier bag you do not have to pay attention that the belt of the chest harness is correctly aligned! Then we have built an additional stiffener with aluminum in our dog bag or Dog Carrier, in the back part of the backpack. This stiffener can be pulled out. You can then roll up the backpack and take it with you in another transport backpack or bicycle bag. You can also put the backpack in the washing machine and clean it easily!

Our patented backpack offers the worldwide most comfortable carrying possibility for dogs from approx. 6 kg!

There is no other backpack in the world where you can carry a child or a dog alternatively and reasonably secured! The developments around our backpack for dogs and children allow you the greatest possible use and carrying comfort! Finally, we have reinforced the chest harness itself so that it cannot tear even under extreme tension! This guarantees absolute safety!

With the BIG&SLIM Dog Carrier we have achieved another masterpiece!

Admittedly, this has its price, but you will not find anything better! The SLIM&BIG Dog Carrier is also designed so that even stocky dogs will find plenty of room in it!

Here the detailed report and photo documentation of the BIG&SLIM Dog Carrier:

For dogs measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail!

MINI (instep length up to 35 cm and from 3 – 6 kg) , SMALL (instep length up to 42 cm and from 5 – 10 kg) , BIG (instep length up to 53 cm and from 7 – 16 kg), and XXL (instep length up to approx. 70 cm and from 15 – 30 kg)

IMPORTANT: The dog backpacks or sizes MINI, SMALL and BIG can also be carried in front!

Concerning the sizes of our backpacks please note the following:

– BIG Dog Carrier Dog transport bag for dogs up to 16 kg weight:

In principle, the weight is no problem for this dog backpack or these themselves. Even dogs weighing 24 kg fit into the BIG Dog Carrier dog bag (for example bulldogs). Nevertheless, we recommend that dogs weighing 18 – 20 kg or more are carried in the XXL dog bag. Even if the BIG would be sufficient in principle. Your own orthopedic wearing comfort is then the decisive criterion. The weight indication for the Dog Carrier therefore serves rather as a rough guide! This is because slim dogs with the same body weight as stocky dogs have a different instep length (instep length is measured from the base of the tail to the base of the neck). In the case of a very slender dog, such as a sighthound weighing 16 kg, for example, it may not fit into the BIG Dog Carrier because the back is too long. As a solution for this we have developed our SLIM-Dog Carrier dog backpack! Since June 2019 we have it on offer! -Small Dog Carrier up to 10 kg weight: Similar to the BIG-Dog Carrier dog backpack, it is not so much about the weight! Nevertheless, 10 kg weight should be the limit with this backpack, if only because of its own carrying comfort. The carrying comfort is much more comfortable from a weight of approx. 10 kg with the BIG Dog Carrier dog backpack. A maximum instep length (measured from the base of the tail to the base of the neck) of 42 cm should not be exceeded with the Small Dog Carrier!

The XXL-DOG CARRIER® backpack for dogs from 15 kg to 30 kg

In the highest weight class of our backpack selection you will also find weights that can be carried over medium distances.

From our personal experience we would say that the carrier bags of dogs over 20 kg serve only short-term purposes!

Not to be underestimated is the importance of the abdominal belt for the area of the carrying bag

This gives your dog a considerable and additional stability when sitting! Some customers neglect to put on the abdominal belt, according to our experience. However, the abdominal belt plays a significant role in the seating comfort and the sitting posture! It stabilizes the dog in the backpack and holds it securely. It also prevents the dog from slipping with his hind legs into the bag area!


Enthusiastic customers send us photos of their dog in our Dog Carrier.

A selection of these photos is summarized in a special customer album. Of course, the photos of these customers have been released for publication!

You will see different breeds of dogs, from the small Maltese to the Australian Richback, all in our Dog Carrier!

We were able to give some customers more tips after we received the photos. Often the advice led to the fact that the settings of the backpack could be made even more optimal. This also increased the comfort for the respective dog.

Since we have only started to expand the purpose of the bag since November 2019, namely carrying children, we do not have any more photos with children in the backpack yet!

Have a look at more than 150 different dogs in our Dog Carrier backpack for dogs:

Whether for

  • shopping
  • hiking
  • cycling
  • mountain biking
  • riding a scooter
  • supportive running
  • or moving the dog over critical distances like
  • via ferrata
  • stairs
  • rocky ascents or descents
  • to the hunting stand
  • up or down to places not accessible for the dog
  • or taking dogs with you in the METRO (in the USA, LA or NY, dogs may only be taken along in bags or backpacks)
  • the ride on the S-Bahn / regional train
  • or or or
    Our backpack for carrying dogs is qualitative and with its size range a great alternative!
  • Think also of rescue dogs, for whom it is impossible to cross passages without the help of a carrier to get there.
  • Also, older dogs, which no longer come up the stairs – or down. Not seldom there are still various old buildings or houses where there is no lift. The sick dog must be carried up by its owner. Without backpack a considerably more laborious matter …
  • One rider stated when buying the XXL backpack that her dog was injured on a riding trip! The dog was so heavy that she could not transport it. Therefore, she had to leave her dog alone first to get help and a suitable means of transport! With the Dog Carrier this does not happen to her anymore …
  • Hunters can take their dog to the hunting stand with the Dog Carrier

So, there are certainly many more uses for our Dog Carrier.

The dog backpacks are washable in the washing machine at 40 degrees.

Please dry the dog backpacks in the dryer only during sports program!

All our Dog Carrier bags have two velcro fasteners on the top edge of the back of the dog backpack. Underneath them there are 2 aluminium stiffeners. You pull these out before washing and put the backpack in the washing machine. When the backpack is dry, push the stiffeners back in. Dry the backpack in the tumble dryer only with “Sport program”! Otherwise our dog bags are easy to clean with water and a sponge.

Hair can be sucked off with a vacuum cleaner.

Our experience since our sales launch in 2014, together with the feedback from countless communications with customers, has resulted in continuous improvements!

For us, the safety of the dog and the quality of our product is our top priority.

The back parts of our dog bags come from a well-known, German quality brand manufacturer for backpacks of all kinds.

The front part of the Dog Carrier comes from the same factory, but the development is from us, and is patented throughout Europe! Below you can see detailed photos of typical features of our dog backpacks, regardless of the size of the backpack! All backpacks have the high quality SBS – AUTO – LOCK – zippers on the sides! So, you can leave the backpack in very warm weather up to about half open, without the zippers can open further by themselves! The further photos show the respective outside pockets for provisions etc.! For the height adjustment of the chest harness in the area of the inner back of the backpack we have made changes for the SMALL and BIG Dog Carrier series since May 2019. With our XXL – dog bag / Kinderkraxe for carrying dogs and children up to 30 kg weight this was already part of the basic equipment! These optimizations concern the flaps themselves (were turned by 90 degrees), as well as the new rotating carabiners, which are threaded into them. In addition, the entire stability was strengthened, a third aluminium stiffener of the back part was sewn into the backpack! Also, the chest harness has been strengthened again, so that it is absolutely tearproof! The flaps in our backpack are now rearranged (this allows a finer adjustment of the height setting). And the insertion of the new rotating carabiner is now very easy! At the sides, 2 zippers have been added to the upper edges of the bag part of the backpack. By opening these zippers, you take the pull on the upper edge, so that the armpit of the dog is not exposed to pressure.

Detailed photos of our patented Dog Carrier bag:

Basically, the sitting position is neither harmful nor uncomfortable for the dogs in our dog backpack!

Quite a few dogs fall asleep while being carried or are at least relaxed!

Restrictions on use with dogs:

Dogs with spondylosis or acute herniated disc should not be carried in our dog backpack.

A healed operated intervertebral disc, however, is no problem! Based on the fact that dogs are naturally exposed to much higher joint loads in fast running, hunting, jumping or playing, the daily wearing – recommended for max. 1/2 to 2 hours – with corresponding breaks is absolutely safe! You can read more about the health benefits of carrying your dog with our dog bag Dog Carrier here and understand it better afterwards:

An article about our XXL dog backpack from Nima, an adventurer in pure form; she lives for life!

She has been constantly on the road with Horst for more than 3 years. Horst is her mobile home from the 70s. Elderly, but reliable and individual. Her dogs and her partner are always there. They live together with the three dogs for over three years in the living mobile and travel by Europe

Two of their dogs are with 13 and nearly 15 years already genuine seniors. But they also have an energetic young dog (with nearly 15 kg) with them. For the two older dogs, they may well need a backpack for the hikes. So, they came to us and we provided them with a dog backpack. That was already in January 2019.

Nima kindly sent us an experience report about the world’s largest backpack for carrying dogs!

The XXL Dog Carrier for dogs from 15 – 30 kg! Have fun reading and here is the link:

Reviews in Amazon about our Dog CarrierⓅ you can see here:

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