3 weeks 28.-€ DOG CARRIER SMALL 5-10kg as rental backpack within Germany!


incl. 19% VAT plus Shipping Costs

Delivery time: One working day after receipt of order

3 weeks 28.-€ PROFESSIONAL, dog rucksack Dog carrier SMALL 5-10 kg as a renting Dog Carrier within Germany!

3 weeks 28.-€ DOG CARRIER SMALL 5-10 kg to the rent within Germany!


RENT our Dog Carrier

Size table Dog carrier dog backpack:

With the choice from recently SIX different size variations:

MINI                 (back lenght* up to 33 cm and form 3-6kg)

SMALL&SLIM (back lenght* up to 43 cm and from 5-10kg) for slim dogs

SMALL              (back length up to 40 cm and from 5-10 kg) for normal                                or corpulent dogs

BIG&SLIM       (back length  up to 55cm and from 7-16kg)  for slim dogs

BIG                    (back length up to 53 cm and from 7-16 kg) for mormalö                                or corpulent dogs

XXL                   (back length up to 67 cm and from15-30 kg)

you can carry dogs of different races with a minimum weight of 3 kg to approx. 30 kg of weight!

*Back length will be measured from then neck of your dog to the tail

If you want the slim sizes, please book the regular counterpart and then write in the comment field (appears during the ordering process) "please send slim version"

Fundamental to rent a Dog Carrier:

You are on vacation and prefer to  our Dog carrier dog backpack only for dogs to 10 kg of weight?

You can rent our rucksack and test substantially for 3 weeks here!

The renting time for our Dog Carrier starts at the day of the entrance and ends with the day of the entrance at us.

The rent for this time is 28 € incl. VAT. The shipment costs to you is excluded regarding this price.

The deposit for all other countries as Germany amounts to 60.-€!

The deposit is refunded to you after a return which has been carried out and in due time.

Please clean the rucksack before the return roughly (we do not count every hair, particularly the Velcro area will be hard to clean so that we are not finicky there).

You also can put the backpack into the washing machine at 30 degrees centigrade. You must open the two velcros at the topmost edges and pull the velcros out of aluminum.

You can let dry the dog carrier quite normally or give it into the dryer (only sportsware)!

At backpack reason cleaned visibly not we lift up ass. VAT cleaning costs, incl. €12.50, again.

We always like for further questions to stand you under                          0049 (0) 163 832 0 222 at the disposal.

How one puts the dogcarrier on you can see here:

DOG CARRIER® The dog carrier as a carrying bag for mobile dogs.

Further information:

The professional, dog backpack for carrying dogs of approx. 5-10 kg of weight!

  • This dog bag is absolutely of high quality and stable.
  • In the further offer we have a dog carrying backpack, the BIG Dog Carrier, alternatively in black or red for dogs of 7-16 kg of weight!
  • Our XXL DogCarrier backpack for carrying dogs of 15 kg to 30 kg of weight.

The dog rucksack still has the additional, the following jam subjects:

  1. Side pocket on the outside on the left with zipper, with 2 inner magazines, e.g. 1 x for drinking bottle and 1 x for small products
  2. Side pocket on the outside on the right with zipper with 5 inner magazines (1 x with zipper) and a key holder (carbine)
  3. Hip belt on the left: Bag with zipper suitable for Iphone and still some space for this
  4. Hip belt on the right: Bag with zipper suitable for small odds and ends, also Iphone and more

Rest, accessories according to the stand type for the DogCarrier dog rucksack:

A one putting cash floor cushion, so that the dog sits in the rucksack optimally, comfortably and adapted!

The chest dishes are vertically adjustable so that the dishes have to be adapted to the sitting height of the dog here comfortably.

Therefore the dog sits comfortably and for certain in this rucksack.

You can purchase the rain protection for the Small and the BIG DogCarrier extra!

You reach the customer album with many different dogs in the Dog carrier rucksack for carrying dogs here:



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