4 weeks 65.-€ DOG CARRIER XXL 15-30kg as rental backpack within Germany!


incl. 19% VAT plus Shipping Costs

Delivery time: One working day after receipt of order

4 weeks 65.-€ professional, dog rucksack Dog carrier XXL 15-30 kg as a renting rucksack Germany!



This Dog Carrier (dog bag as a rucksack for carrying dogs) is very well suitable 15 kg to max. 30 kg of weight for dogs of at least (!)

The lending period starts with the postal entrance of the rucksack and ends 33 days after that.

Please enter duration for the rental period in the “Comments” field during the ordering process!

On the 33rd day the rucksack must reach us, thoroughly cleaned. In the case of strongly contaminated it returns we lift up 25.-€ cleaning!

Whoever would like to buy the dog rucksack following the lending period gets the rent imputed fully!

Size table Dog carrier dog backpack:

With the choice from recently SIX different size variations:

MINI                 (back lenght* up to 33 cm and form 3-6kg)

SMALL&SLIM (back lenght* up to 43 cm and from 5-10kg) for slim dogs

SMALL              (back length up to 40 cm and from 5-10 kg) for normal                                or corpulent dogs

BIG&SLIM       (back length  up to 55cm and from 7-16kg)  for slim dogs

BIG                    (back length up to 53 cm and from 7-16 kg) for mormalö                                or corpulent dogs

XXL                   (back length up to 67 cm and from15-30 kg)

you can carry dogs of different races with a minimum weight of 3 kg to approx. 30 kg of weight!

*Back length will be measured from then neck of your dog to the tail

You can carry dogs of different races with a minimum weight of 5 kg to approx. 30 kg of weight!

Additional information about the dog carrying rucksack:

2 years are the result of this thought-out product intensive cooperation with rucksack designers and developers as well as a veterinarian and further consultants! The dog rucksack for carrying dogs.

For us the safety of the dog and of course the quality of our product is comes first.

The back parts of our dog rucksacks are from a well-known, German quality manufacturer of proprietary goods for rucksacks of every type.

The front of the rucksack comes from the same factory, but the development comes from us.

We should to be allowed to advertise with the name of the appropriate manufacturer pay considerable license fees.

However, this is not the only reason why we operate our advertising in a name of our own; our name finally shall guarantee quality sometime, too.

Ok, now to an important topic that one of the sizes:

Regarding the sizes, the following must always be observed here:

BIG DOG CARRIER dog bag for dogs to 16 kg of weight:

In principle, the weight does not represent any problem itself, because we also can carry dogs as “customers” (for example bulldogs) with 24 kg in this rucksack.

The problem lies with the slender dogs, because the instep dimension (!) is decisive for our dog bag, and the weight is more of a guide.

Your dog does not have any longer instep than 53 cm (measured by the tail root up to the neck approach), he still then fits incredibly in the BIG DogCarrier purely with 17 kg or even more, too.

Small Dog carrier to 10 kg of weight:

Similar to the BIG-Dog Carrier dog backpack, this is less about the weight, although 10kg should be the limit for this backpack. This alone because of its own comfort. From a weight of approx. 9kg the BIG Dog Carrier dog backpack is a little more comfortable. A maximum instep length of 42 cm should not be exceeded with the Small Dog Carrier!

XXL, DOG CARRIER, joined this one newly

The uses are as various as the ideas of the people themselves;

weights which one can absolutely still carry over middle distances are also found in the highest weight category of our rucksack pallet. Out of our personal experience we would say that everything fulfills only still short-term purposes as of 20 kg!

So you can carry dogs weighing 15 kg or more with the dog backpack from DogCarrier as easily as is possible with such a weight.

  • Think of rescue dogs who are unable to get through passages without the help of a porter
  • Also older dogs, which no longer come up the stair – or down. Often there are still various old buildings or Apartment buildings where there is no lift. The sick dog must then be carried up by its owner.
  • When buying the XXL dog carrier, a rider stated that her decision to buy this copy was made because her dog was injured on a riding trip and the dog was so heavy that she could not carry it. Therefore, she had to leave your dog alone to get help and a suitable means of transport …
  • For hunters this dog handbarrow can be interesting (we already have got various hunters as customers), because they can take their dog on the hunter stand.

So there are certainly other uses that we leave to our future customers, but we would also be happy if customers tell us why they need the backpack …

We look forward to every photo and remain, with warm regards, the DogCarrier team

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