DOG CARRIER SMALL 5-10kg – back length until 40cm


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This professional dog backpack is suitable for small dogs from at least 5kg until 10kg and offers the following advantages:

  • back length up to 40 centimeters
  • side pockets and pockets in the lap belt, perfect for stowing small items
  • chest harness height adjustable
  • In red or in black



In our patented PREMIUM DOG CARRIER SMALL (5-10kg)

for normal to solidly built dogs, any dog ​​with a weight of 5-10kg and a maximum back length of 40cm (measured from the base of the tail to the base of the neck) that has a small to medium build will feel comfortable.

Size chart of our patented DOG CARRIER:

MINI (back length* up to 33 cm and shape 3-6kg)

SMALL&SLIM (back length* up to 43 cm and from 5-10 kg) for slim dogs

SMALL (back length up to 40 cm and from 5-10 kg) for normal or corpulent dogs

BIG&SLIM (back length up to 55cm and from 7-16kg) for slim dogs

BIG (back length up to 53 cm and from 7-16 kg) for mormalö or corpulent dogs

XXL (back length up to 67 cm and from 15-30 kg) for strong to corpulent dogs

XXL SLIM (back length up to 67 cm and from 15-30 kg) for slim to normally built dogs

*The back length is measured from the base of the neck (where the collar hangs…) to the base of the tail.

A separate seat cushion is included with the backpack as standard, so that your dog can feel comfortable in this backpack.

The chest harness can be adjusted in height so that the backpack can be individually adapted to your dog.

We also offer the extra padded chest harness:

Klick HERE: Padded harness

If your dog is transported so comfortably, then you can also cover a longer distance in the mountains or in a vehicle. You can also use the backpack spontaneously if your dog needs a little break or if the terrain becomes too dangerous.

With this backpack it is enough if you make the settings once.

Next time, just put your dog in and use the practical click system.

So your dog sits perfectly in the dog backpack within a very short time.

If your dog runs with you on its own, you still benefit from this backpack.

This offers several pockets, some of which are closed with zippers. This means that you can also transport small items such as cell phones or keys safely.

In addition, you can sometimes access the pockets without taking off the backpack.

Would you also like to hike or ride a scooter in the rain?

In this case, we advise you to purchase the rain cover for the Dog Carrier, which we also offer as a heat-insulated version.

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Black, RED


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