DOG CARRIER dog backpack XXL 15-30kg used!

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You purchase the XXL DOG CARRIER, the worldwide biggest dog rucksack, here!

Our dog rucksack got of course qualitatively of high quality made!


Size table:

You have a choice of 4 different variations of our dog handbarrow on the disposal:

MINI (instep length to 35 cm and from 3 6 kg),

SMALL (instep length to 42 cm and from 5-10 kg),

BIG (instep length to 53 cm and from 7-16 kg), and

XXL (instep length to approx. 70 cm and of 15-30 kg)

You can carry dogs of different races with a minimum weight of 3 kg to approx. 30 kg of weight with that!

Here, that is the professional dog rucksack for carrying dogs of approx. 15-30 kg of weight!

  • This rucksack is qualitatively absolutely of high quality and stable.

The dog rucksack still has the additional, the following bags:

  1. Side pocket on the outside on the left with zipper, with 2 inner magazines, e.g. 1 x for drinking bottle and 1 x for small good
  2. Side pocket on the outside on the right with zipper with 5 inner magazines (1 x with zipper) and a key holder
  3. Hip belt on the left: Bag with zipper suitable for Iphone and still some space for this
  4. Hip belt on the right: Bag with zipper suitable for small odds and ends, also Iphone and place for this

Rest to the DOG CARRIER:

The chest dishes are vertically adjustable so that the dishes have to be adapted to the sitting height of the dog here comfortably.
The dog sits comfortably and for certain in this dog rucksack through this.
The hip belt was changed with a click system now. This which has been discontinued now saves permanent cleaning of the previous Klettsystems. Moreover, the new hip belt must once be only adapted or adjusted to the distance. In this attitude, in future, he then only can be still one clicked (see photo)

You reach the customer album with many different dogs in the DOG CARRIER rucksack for carrying dogs here:

Here still briefly a story to our XXL DOG CARRIER:

A contribution about our XXL – dog rucksack of Nima, an Abenteurin in pure form she lives for the life!

She is permanently away with Horst for more than 3 years

Horst is her mobile home from the seventies. Aged but reliable and individual.

There are permanently her dogs and her partner

They live together with the three dogs for over three years in the mobile home and travel through Europe

Two of her dogs are already real senior citizens with 13 and almost 15 years.

But they also have one energy invited young dog (with almost 15 kg).

They can absolutely need a rucksack for the walks for the two older dogs.

They came onto us through this and we provided them with a dog rucksack.This was up already in January 2019.

Nima sent us to a kind way experience report on a world’s biggest rucksack unites for carrying dogs!

The XXL-Dog Carrier for dogs from 15-30kg!

A lot of fun with reading and HERE the link:

HERE the link


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