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We are happy to announce that our bestseller, the BIG&SLIM Dog Carrier, will be offered in two extended models starting June of this year!

The first model is our new T2 Dog Carrier.

Many of our customers requested a dog carrier with an integrated backpack to be able to carry snacks, water, and other useful things on long hikes with their dogs.

Based on these wishes, this patented backpack combines a regular backpack with a dog carrier and can be carried as one unit on the back!

If your dog needs to be carried within the backpack, the Dog Carrier T2 Double Bag can split up into two separate backpacks, which can be carried on the back or on the front, up to individual preference.

This is especially useful when the dog is heavier than the contents of the regular backpack. In this case, the dog can be carried on the back and the lighter load can be carried in the front.

The T2 combination backpack has a dark grey and red color scheme and therefore differs visually from our previous series of dog carriers.

Also, the finish is slightly different from our regular backpacks. Based on the integrated regular backpack, the material of this model has a silkier feel and is water repellant.

The backpack will be regularly priced at €159.

In contrast to our regular BIG&SLIM Dog Carrier, the Dog Carrier T2 Double Bag features a handy high-quality click-system. This makes it possible to seamlessly store the integrated backpack inside the dog carrier.

The early bird offer is open until 20.04.2022. The first backpacks will be delivered until end of June 2022.

The second new model features our revolutionary patented carrying system!

Our four-shoulder strap system ensures optimal weight distribution. Through four shoulder straps, the pressure is evenly distributed. This prevents a strain on neck and shoulders which leads to muscle pain associated with carrying heavy backpacks.

Based on our previously patented dog backpacks for animals up to 30 kg, we tested and developed new prototypes.

Our test showed a noticeable relief in the neck and shoulder area compared to regular backpacks.

This is achieved by a new carrying system, in which uses four shoulder straps instead of the regular two shoulder straps.

The straps are placed pairwise on top of each other. When carrying heavier weights, they can be adjusted into their respective relief positions. To optimally regulate pressure, the straps can also be aligned individually.

This idea was inspired by a tour through the Austrian Kaiserklamm, where I found a beautiful stone weighing 22 kg. I knew the stone would be perfect as a decoration for my patio, and so I carried it home. But even in my ergonomic backpack, the stone was a heavy burden on my shoulders.

During the 45-minute hike back, I tried to relieve the pressure by alternating my shoulder straps from their regular position on my shoulder and neck area to my outer shoulders – even though I am quite fit and regularly work out my shoulder area!

I soon realized that carrying a heavy backpack would be far easier if the weight was distributed with four and not, as usual, two shoulder straps. Two of the straps would be placed normally on the neck and shoulder area, while two additional straps along the outer shoulders would help to evenly distribute the weight. Logically speaking, this would reduce shoulder pain immensely!

Inspired by my own experience, we have created this four-shoulder strap system. For light and moderate weights, the backpack can be carried with the two main shoulder straps. For heavier weights, two additional straps can be worn over the outer shoulder area and relief pressure.

The additional shoulder straps are attached to the main straps with a Velcro strip. If needed, the Velcro can be easily opened, and the straps can be placed on the outer shoulder area.

Each one of the four overall straps can be adjusted via a cord on the bottom. Pulling or easing the cord can tighten or slacken the strap. Therefore, the backpack can be individually positioned. This grants an optimal relief of pressure and avoids shoulder pain.

The regular price of the backpack is €159. The early bird offer is open until 20.04.2022. The backpacks will be delivered until end of June 2022 at the latest.

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