Used dog backpacks

Used dog backpack

Used dog backpack for a low price!

The exact description of what we mean by “used” can be found in the product of your choice!

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The professional dog backpack for carrying dogs
Size chart Dog Carrier dog bag as a dog backpack:
With the selection from recently FOUR different sizes of our dog carrier as a dog backpack –

MINI     ( instep length up to 36cm and from 3-6kg )

SMALL ( instep length up to 42cm and from 5-10kg ) ,

BIG       ( instep length up to 53cm and from 7-16kg ), und

XXL      ( instep length up to approx. 70cm and from 15-30kg )

– you can carry dogs of different breeds with a minimum weight of 5 kg to approx. 30 kg!

The dog carrier backpack also has the following additional storage compartments:

  • Side pocket on the outside left with a zipper, with 2 inner magazines, e.g. 1 x for water bottle
    and 1 x for small items
  • Side pocket on the outside right with zipper, with 5 inner magazines (1 x with zipper) and
    a key holder (carabiner)
  • Lap belt on the left: pocket with zipper suitable for Iphone and some extra space
  • Lap belt on the right: pocket with zipper suitable for small items, including the iPhone and space

Further, standard supplied accessories for the DogCarrier dog bag as a dog backpack:

An insertable, perforated seat cushion, so that the dog sits optimally, comfortably and in the backpack!

The chest harness is adjustable in height so that the harness can be easily adjusted to the dog’s seat height.

The dog sits comfortably and safely in this backpack.

The previous waist belt with Velcro fastener has now been supplemented by a practical click system.

This saves the cleaning of the Velcro.

In addition, the new waist belt only needs to be adjusted or adjusted once. In this setting, it can only be clicked in the future (see photo)

Old version

Current version

The Dog Carrier dog backpack with an important innovation
The Dog Carrier dog backpack with an important innovation

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