DOG CARRIER dog backpack BIG&SLIM 7-16kg Used! – early bird discount


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The BIG&SLIM Dog Carrier

Sold out until approx. July 1st week 2020.

Delivery takes place by 15.07.2020 at the latest.

Used means that the rucksack at most 5 x was tried on or is from a return of Amazon!

So hair of another dog can be into it. The rucksacks like new otherwise are! A color choice is not possible! We send depending on stock level -the rucksack in red or in black!



We have carried out some elementary modifications at our so far most popular model, the big Dog carrier dog rucksack.

The most important was busy that the popular rucksack was not 100% optimal for very slim dogs for carrying dogs!

To clear up this problem, we have made the rucksack slimmer first once. However, we have prolonged him also a little.

The classic BIG Dog carrier dog rucksack is optimal for dogs to max. 53 cm back length.

This rucksack is just as optimal for medium- slim and very stout, well built dogs!

The SLIM & BIG Dog carrier rucksack for dogs, however, is optimal for dogs (measured by the tail approach up to the neck approach) to max. 56 cm back length! (measured by the tail approach up to the neck approach)!

However, he is conceived unlike the BIG Dog carrier also for substantially slimmer dogs. Such as Whippets or dachshund.…

So the use spectrum of this copy is larger than at the simple “BIG version”

We have added in addition still new equipment features. You shall the seat comfort for the dog simplify laying out the dog rucksack, and, still a little more verb chimney reindeer.

So we still have attached 2 zippers to the lateral flanks of the bag area of the rucksack (rucksack for dogs).
It is so from time to time that this flank can push this dog under the shoulder (see photo 1). This arises from the tension at the top edge of the bag part.

By opening the lateral, newly appropriate, small zipper this tension comes loose. The pressure under the shoulders therefore eases.
Besides that we have simplified the upper elevation adjustment of the chest dishes considerably! One must a little with difficulty the belts from the click carbine ausfädeln, to introduce the belt by the latch ordered in her height around then till now. One had to thread the belt through the click carbine after that again.

We have carried out the change to click carbines even of higher quality now.

These carbines have at the side a clasp on to the and snap shut. This means one only must still open up, put into the respective latch at the side and then snap shut the carbine again.

These carbines of our dog bag have changed to this even by 360 degrees on the axis of their own.

This has the advantage that one does not have to take care when laying out the dog bag regularly any more that the belt of the chest dishes is lined up correctly!

We then still have installed an additional stiffening with aluminum in our dog bag or dog handbarrow in the tergite of the rucksack.

As a rucksack for dogs our dog bag has superlatives been refined to one now to also offer the greatest possible carrying comfort to you yourself for carrying dogs!

At long last, we still have predecessor model this strengthens chest dishes unlike ours himself. Therefore so that this can never break with the most powerful train either!

Here we must be said that merely 1 x had such a problem at a XXL dog rucksack!

We have therefore only alone carried out these reinforcements! She ensures no matter how tightly one would pull at it that the chest dishes cannot break.…

We had given these new BIG & SLIM Dog carrier dog rucksack to 10 testers which already know the BIG DogCarrier. By this direct comparison we could so neutrally we only possibly filter the feedback of the subjects of a test!

With the SLIM & BIG DogCarrier is for us the masterpiece succeeded our rucksack pallet. This has his price, however, it does not work better..
The SLIM & BIG DogCarrier is conceived by the way so in that stout dogs also find super place in this!

Here the detailed report together with photo documentation to the BIG & SLIM Dog carrier:

You find lots of photos of our customers in the Dog carriers’ dog bag here:


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