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Here is the dog rucksack with which you can transport massive dogs weighing up to 30 kilograms.

The dog rucksack is suitable for *massive dogs from 15 kilograms upwards, which sit just as securely in it as small dogs in the smaller versions. This dog rucksack has the following benefits:

For *slim dogs from 15kg to 30kg weight we are offering the XXL-Slim Dog Carrier separately

The basic dimensions of the two backpack variants are the same (The “Regularly” is just wider than the “Slim”):

  • up to 70 centimetres instep length
  • for 15 to 30 kilograms
  • height adjustable chest harness
  • practical click system


Transporting a heavy dog ​​if it is injured or can no longer walk is more than tedious. That’s why we only have the world’s largest dog backpack!

The patented

XXL Dog Carrier allows you to carry dogs from 15kg to 30kg in weight!

The Dog Carrier XXL “REGULARY” is designed less for slim dogs and more for very strong dogs

For slim dogs from 15-30kg we offer the XXL-SLIM DOG CARRIER dog backpack separately!

-You can easily adjust this backpack thanks to the click system and the height-adjustable chest harness prevents your dog from feeling uncomfortable pressure.

Although the XXL DOG ​​Carrier backpack is also suitable for longer distances, it is often used to carry a sick dog up the stairs or a larger dog to a hunting stand.

The ideas are diverse and the entire construction ensures that the dog backpack is suitable for every situation.

You can also purchase an accessory:

The rain cover with which you can protect your dog from rain. So you are also prepared if there is a sudden rain shower in the mountains.


Sizes Dog Carrier for dogs from 3kg to 30kg weight:

There are different variations of our dog carrier available to you:

MINI (Backlength (measured from the base of the tail to the base of the neck) up to 35 cm and from 3-6kg),

SMALL REGULARLY (back length up to 40cm (measured from tail root to neck) and from 5-10kg) ,

SMALL&SLIM (back length up to 43cm (measured from tail root to neck) and from 5-10kg

BIG REGULARY (Back length up to 52cm (measured from tail root to neck) and from 7-16kg,

BIG&SLIM (back length up to 55cm (measured from tail root to neck) and from 7-16kg

XXL REGULARLY (back length up to (measured from tail root to neck) 70cm and from 15-30kg)

XXL&SLIM (back length up to (measured from tail root to neck) 70cm and from 15-30kg)

The dog backpack also has the following bags:

  1. Side pocket on the outside left with zipper, with 2 interior magazines, e.g. 1 x for drinking bottle and 1 x for small estate
  2. Side pocket on the outside right with zipper, with 5 interior magazines (1 x with zipper) and a key holder (carabiner)
  3. Pelvic belt left: Bag with zipper suitable for Iphone and some space to go with it
  4. Pelvic belt on the right: Bag with zipper suitable for small things, also iphone and space

More about the DOG CARRIER:

The chest harness is height adjustable, so that the dishes of the dog’s seat height are easy to adjust here.
The dog sits comfortably and safely in this dog backpack.

The belly strap has now been altered with a click system. This saves constant cleaning of the previous climbing system, which has now fallen away. In addition, the new belly strap only needs to be adjusted or adjusted once to the width. In this setting, it can only be clicked in in the future (see photo)

To the customer album with many different dogs in the DOG CARRIER backpack for carrying dogs you can find here:

Here is a short story about our XXL DOG CARRIER:

A post about our XXL – dog backpack by Nima, an adventurer in pure form; she lives for life!

She has been on the road with Horst for more than 3 years.

Horst is their motorhome from the 70s. Aged, but reliable and individual.

There are always their dogs, and their partner.

They have been living in a camper together with the three dogs for over three years and travel through Europe

Two of their dogs are already real seniors at the age of 13 and almost 15.

But, they also have an energetic young dog (with just under 15 kg) with them.

For the two older dogs they may well need a backpack for the hikes.

So they came up to us and we provided them with a dog backpack. that was already in January 2019.

Nima kindly sent us an experience and experience report about the world’s largest backpack for carrying dogs!

The XXL-Dog Carrier for dogs from 15-30kg!

Have fun reading and HERE the link

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 75 × 35 × 20 cm


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