DOG CARRIER SMALL&SLIM for slim dogs 5-10kg – back length until 43cm


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The SMALL & SLIM dog carrier
The special dog backpack for slim dogs of 5-10kg weight

After a series of tests lasting over a year, we decided to create an optimal solution for slim dogs between 5-10kg.

This was preceded by the fact that slender dogs were too long for the MINI version and too thin for the SMALL version.

With this model we have now closed this gap in the best possible way!

Size table Dog carrier dog backpack:

With the choice from recently SIX different size variations:

MINI                 (back lenght* up to 33 cm and form 3-6kg)

SMALL&SLIM (back lenght* up to 43 cm and from 5-10kg) for slim dogs

SMALL              (back length up to 40 cm and from 5-10 kg) for normal or corpulent dogs

BIG&SLIM       (back length  up to 55cm and from 7-16kg)  for slim dogs

BIG                    (back length up to 53 cm and from 7-16 kg) for normal or corpulent dogs

XXL                   (back length up to 67 cm and from15-30 kg)


This dog backpack from our range was preceded by the fact that slender dogs were too long for the MINI version and too thin for the regular SMALL version.

With our SMALL&SLIM             Dog Carrier

we now offer a comprehensive range of products in all sizes for dogs from 3kg to 30kg in weight! The maximum back length for the world’s largest backpack model, the XXL Dog Carrier, is up to 65 cm (measured from the base of the tail to the base of the neck).

The data of the SMALL & SLIM Dog Carrier dog backpack are as follows:

Total backpack height 45 cm – maximum possible back length dog 43 cm (with the SMALL 40 cm), body-relevant total width 23 cm (SMALL 27 cm).

We have also made changes to the inside of the backpack for all models:

a) We have not only reinforced the straps for the height arrangement of the harness, but also added another row (previously there were 3 rows, now there are 4 rows). So we have created a little more leeway for the different back lengths. b) All new models now have an easy-to-use swivel shackle on the upper inlet straps to the chest harness. This can be repositioned quickly and with little effort. In addition, when putting the backpack on the dog, you no longer have to make sure that the straps are in line. With the swivel shackle, any twisting of the belt can be easily corrected, even if the dog is already sitting in the backpack. c) The middle top loop has been reinforced, especially on the XXL Dog Carrier, so that it can be used to lift dogs up to 30kg without any risk of tearing. d) In the last picture you can see the difference in width between the SMALL and the SMALL & SLIM dog carriers.

Anyone who would like to have rain protection for our dog backpack can also order this.

Here, please select the rain cover size SMALL (it also fits SMALL & SLIM)

Additional information

Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 10 cm



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